KV – Systems

Our KV – Systems are designed and manufactured at our company domicil in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany. Each system passes several tests before delivery to guarantee perfection in terms of efficency and performance.

What is so special about this system?

  • Up to 75% Heat recovery through exhaust air
  • Easy to retrofit in already existing ventilation systems
  • Plug and play ready control/steering unit
  • Individual designed heat exchangers (produced by Wätas)


Special Versions:

We also offer special versions for:

  • Process – Air
  • High temperature
  • Agressive exhaust gases

The main advantage of this product is that due to very high energy recovery rates the paying off period stays short and allows to gain profit out of this investment very soon.


On site information:

  • The heat exchangers will be mounted in the air ducts (In some special cases right inside the AHU)
  • The control/steering unit will be connected to the heat exchangers by using off-the-shelf pipes
  • After these two steps the control/steering unit will be connected to the power grid


When delievered, the control/steering unit will be ready-to-use mounted in a steel cabinet. To install the system, the heat exchangers just need to be placed in the air ducts and then connected to the control and steering unit. This system ensures a very fast and easy installation.

The following shows a scheme that explains visually how our system is installed in a building. It simulates a case where cooling energy of an air conditioned building is recovered by using the VETTER KV – SYSTEM.


Handeled air: 50.000 cbm/h
Recovery rate: 71%