To give you an insight into what we have done the past years just take a look at some of our customers / partners and some of our references.

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Glass Recycling Drying Plant (England)

A factory that dries and recycles used glass with very high energy costs installed our system to recover the heating energy that is used in the drying ovens.

  • KV – System installed to recover heating energy of process air (drying process)
  • Achieved recovery rate 75% (466.9Kw/h energy recovered)
  • 23.000 cbm/h air volume
  • Installed 2013, new building

University of Erlangen (Germany)

The University of Erlangen needed a solution to recover more energy and lower their energy costs to reach certain energy saving standards. Space was very limited.

  • KV – System installed to recover heating energy of big lecture room (900 Students)
  • Achieved recovery rate 62%
  • Retrofitted 2013 – extremly limited space to install the system

Lidl bakery shops (Germany)

The German supermarket chain „Lidl“ installed bakery shops in each of their stores. For that project they needed fans which we delievered

  • 0 complaints or damages
  • 120 systems installed

Heat Exchanger for „Sachsenpellet“ (Germany)

For a pellet producing company we delievered the required Heat Exchangers for their drying plant.

  • 12 Cu/Al Heat Exchangers
  • Overall 9.000KW heat output
  • Each Heat Exchanger about 6m x 1m in size